No, seriously, did I die? Am I dead? AM I IN HEAVEN? I don’t understand how I could have so many “I’m so sorry I can’t make it” text messages and emails and snaps yet still have that room of so much love and amazing. That room I can never really clearly articulate how great it was unless you were there but just know if you didn’t make it your spirit was def there THAT WAS AMAZING. I believe so hard in the power of positive thoughts – I’m sure that all those people that were like “I can’t make it, I wish her the best” was a major score. I mean how the hell do you get Dave Newman to work in Chinatown on a Friday? Any of those bartenders actually: Nick Gray, Christian Self, Jen Marr, Justin Park and friggin CHANDRA! The food was so amazing too town’s vegan luau with those toppings and Lucky Belly serving their first ever window dish that yours truly was their first customer they still have my $5 bill that’s why you saw Dusty there humbly serving the guests it. is. a. big. deal. All these guys god i don’t know where to start but definitely stoked that some of my doctors came and STAYED and we got sooooo many amazing interviews for the documentary from you all WOAH i was in tears just discussing it with our editor. There’s a couple galleries online so far I just can’t get over how great that was thank you so much so much.

YOU GUYS can this just be a lesson to ALL OF YOU that it MATTERS how you TREAT PEOPLE. All the hard work and love I freely gave since moving here in 2002 managed to save my life and help me when I needed it the most. Could you imagine if I was an uppity bitch?! I’d be dead. DEAD.

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Pulse photos at this link

Frolic’s post is here and it’s so great I love you Tracy and Diane

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MetroHNL’s Nightvision posted an AWESOME gallery thank you for coming Bodie!

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