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It’s been too many people that I’m talking to these past few weeks that have family or friends newly diagnosed with some form of cancer. You guys, this is a serious epidemic. I have a few resources for you to try and please keep me updated on the progress. Remember it’s going to take a very strong will to live that they do have inside them to get through this. You need to believe, everyone around them needs to believe it.

Please use this free paper as the initial Cancer Plan of Attack.

Please use this article for those that are starting chemo.

Please like our new organization on Facebook the Aloha Cancer Project to keep up with resources and ways we can help you.


Most of all please remember that the spirit that lives inside of them is stronger than this illness. They can take back control if they focus.

Lastly, if there seems to be no hope, please look in to this treatment center that I just got back from – miracle workers is putting it mildly. They treat any type of illness. You can read the testimonials and allllll of the resources they post on the website too, trust me it’s an amazing self-realization and huge healing miracle sort of place.

LASTLY: Please consider a donation to our documentary – we WILL make this film whether it gets funded or not, but with your help we can share this with everyone that may need it. THIS WILL BE THE FILM THAT SAVES LIVES! Here is the Kickstarter.

All my love for an abundant holiday season, cw

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