KITV Morning Show and MetroHNL COVER!

Who wakes up at 6am?!?! You have all of my respect, that was damn hard. I have to use the sun to get enough energy to get out of bed and that is still a hit or miss.

Thank you SO MUCH to Mike Cherry and Laura at the KITV morning news for letting me share my new non-profit I am launching with my friend and fellow cancer survivor Daniel Gray. When life grabs a hold of you and says “You’re not doing this right! Stop and think about this!” the flood gates tend to open and the true opportunities fall in your lap beautifully. I now know my purpose is to help as many people as possible with what I learned to hopefully spare others in their fight.

If you want to learn more about Aloha Cancer Project or if you are in Honolulu PLEASE stop by the launch party this Saturday Feburary 6th in Chinatown at Nextdoor. We are there from 5pm-2am and have a special guest from New York City one of my FAVORITE producers if you’ve heard me spin or any of my mixes you’ve definitely heard him. Don’t worry we will always make sure it’s a good time.

Finally thank you to the MetroHNL for the COVER STORY this week! Christina your editor’s note is so epic as well as the feature.

metro feb

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