Huge news! HUGE!

Hey so have you guys heard of TED? Technology Education Design? Talks that are regularly posted online that have UNLIMITED reach?????

Christa auditioned in January and has been selected as a speaker for TEDx Honolulu. That’s right – the Honolulu TED! It will be July 9th at the Blaisdell Concert Hall so if you’re on island please buy tickets and support so she won’t be nervous and talking to a room of people she knows!

The potential is staggering! Since being selected Christa signed up for and took a Transcendental Meditation class to hone in her skills and will be practicing like a crazy person for the next few months to get this right. TED doesn’t allow what they call “pseudo science” so she can’t really detail her paper so she is taking another approach and citing scientific research to support. Just say a prayer that she doesn’t blow this.

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