surgery went well, TEDxHonolulu went even better

Today is Sunday and I am grateful for so many things, but mostly our DP Grace Lim and Christopher Ahn for coming to my house before I went in to surgery and helping me shoot my TEDx talk. After working so hard for over half a year on that talk you could imagine how heart-breaking it was to not be able to deliver it. Thanks to Grace and Christopher we were able to!

Thanks to technology we can also share it with you all here as well.

Here is the video.

So now I am in surgical menopause. There will be a blast of side effects happening now that I’ve been snipped but I’m ready to roll with those and get back on track to healthy and happy. I have two more weeks of whole brain radiation then a few weeks rest before testing to see how well I responded to this treatment. We will address my liver and lungs after we can get my brain zapped. Days like today though really really help this part. I am SO happy and fulfilled to be able to keep sharing this story. So much great feedback and notes from the event!

Sending love to you all, cw

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