the music. oh man just the music.

it’s been so easy to get everything organized and shot for this project you guys. like, TOO easy. i’m feeling so motivated and full of energy it hasn’t been this easy to pull something together since Pow Wow.

thank you everyone for all of your help too. artists are so cool to just like GIVE me music to use and shooters stepping to help with b-roll and assisting on interviews. those community open calls for testimonials too. i haven’t heard any of them but Grace did compile this small thank you video for me which i watch every time i am in the dumps (which happens, it happens. hormones, ugh.)

i want to share the music with you guys SO SO SO BAD but trust me please just trust me it’s going to really hit you in so many right places. that’s my jam. that’s been my passion since day zeo. if there is anything i won’t let you down on – it’s the music.
Mahalo to our film composer Alex Zafarti.

without listing specific tracks i want to give you some artists to geek out to though.

Petit Biscuit

Also just side note if you want a playlist to zone out to set your brain right you can use mine.

Love you guys, please email me if you want to donate any beautiful B-Roll for the film or know a good producer to help us take the next step once this rough cut is ready.


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