it’s official: people cried during my TEDxHonolulu talk

i only know this because so many of my dear friends went even though i wasn’t going to be there and told me. guys, I’m still reeling from the TEDxHonolulu “experience.” I’m calling it an experience because it was more than a talk. It was more than a video at a talk. It was its own six month journey of ups and downs and major ups and more downs before ending in the best possible way. Watch the video here:

Thank you to Mikey for writing the beautiful prose and getting the entire Blaisdell Concert Hall to send me love. WOW. I read/watch this often, guys.

Christa Ted Talk from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

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  1. Your video was inspiring, touching and heartfelt. Mahalo Sis!

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