look at this baldy on Sunrise and KITV morning shows (!)

Wow, that was an amazing local press tour. I got to do back to back morning shows, was featured in Yu Shing’s column in the MidWEEK (!), and had some legit local celebrity support with a social media blast featuring lovely local celebrities thanks to my Hi Fresh Box friend Chef Will.

This is, pretty much, the greatest week of my life. I’ve been able to physically touch people and share my story. I’ve been able to give the gift that keeps on giving (music) and share what’s happening with this film. People are very excited. I can’t wait to show you all what we are about to do.

So if they say it ain’t real til it’s in print then we can take that plus the morning shows. Holy fire this is my most grateful face. Please enjoy:

Watch the Sunrise segment with Grace Lee and CW (and BooBoo!)


CW with Maleko and Flash and Chef Will (and BooBoo!) on KITV morning show

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