Shooting Update!

I’m alive today. CHEE! Time to put out the call for help. we are very close to a rough cut and we need a producer. the most experienced with film festivals as possible, i’m going to touch as many people as i can with this. as MANY AS I CAN.

Please email me if you can help us find this. I am on disability from this last recurrence so am taking this opportunity to FINISH. THIS. FILM.

We have loads of solid content- real content. We have a remarkable story. We have to get this thing finished and out there to as many people as we can. The sooner we can do this the sooner we can help so many people that are silently suffering and afraid to accept themselves do anything to help themselves.

Shooting update how cute is Christa’s new emotional support animal (he’s a dog).


Ok, that’s not really him. That’s him in my head. This is really him, meet BooBoo!


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