next up: CW’s biggest speaking engagement to date

you guys ever hear of a festival called “Wanderlust”??? ok, so showing a video at the TEDxHonolulu for my “talk” has opened so many doors so fast.

guys, i found my purpose.

so back to the talks. i was a guest speaker at kuakini women’s medical center in october for breast cancer and there was a definite spark there.  the more people i can touch the more people i can inspire and help. i know it. this is exactly what i’m supposed to be doing!

please consider coming. please “fan” me on their website or pls just make a comment if you are feeling generous (they like that kind of stuff) and come on all it takes is like a a click or something. also “join” the event on Facebook. also, DUDE JUST COME.

also, yes. i’m available for talks anywhere on planet earth.


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