look at this cover girl

just when i thought the sunday paper above the fold thing could be the greatest thing on planet earth to experience LOOK WHAT HAPPENS. mahalo Metro for the cover (!!!!) story on me and where i’m at in my journey. thank you especially for the follow-up piece asking some of the girls why i inspire them. TEARS. OF! JOOOOY! i read this article pretty much every night before i go to sleep. it is the new fuel to motivate me for this next scary unknown chapter.

also thank you for letting me pick the place to shoot because i love love love old pali road. whenever i’m going to waimanalo i take the long way just to drive through that magnificent tree tunnel. when the breeze catches the leaves of all those trees overhead i feel like they’re waving at me. cheering me on.

if you didn’t grab the paper you can read the story here


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