Film Synopsis


We starting shooting this documentary on Christa’s last day of chemotherapy in October of 2015.

Thousands have already been been able to kickstart their treatment plan after seeing Christa’s viral Snapchat Story of her entire fight and reading Christa’s Cancer Plan of Attack paper she wrote and posted for free as a shared Google doc. Both detail how she was able to go from a stage IV diagnosis to complete resolution in pretty much¬†12 weeks, but there are quite a few pieces left out of her story.

Her July 2016 TEDxHonolulu talk: Snapchat Cancer Flow is next on the list of sharing her story. Thanks to the Internet that reach is limitless. Please watch

With Christa’s journey from the scans to complete resolution as the narrative backbone, the beautiful state of Hawai’i as the scenery, and interviews with her doctors, friends, colleagues and the community we will follow her through even greater challenges that she didn’t choose to share on social media.

From hormone blockers to maintenance treatments, experimental therapies, managing expectations of a “survivor,” going back to work,¬†deciding on what female body parts to remove, handling the guilt and shame of a recurrence, learning to heal at an emotional level as well as the physical body realm, and emerging as a truly happy and healthy human being. All of these issues and more will be addressed in a candid, revealing manner that shows Christa’s quirky personality and struggle in an honest and relatable story.

We will very much leave you feeling inspired, emotional, and ready to take control of your own life and health and happiness.